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Ragazza che dipinge in Art Class

Comics workshop


The yellow level is based on learning the basic rules such as the  grammar of comics, the technique of drawing, study of the typical communicative forms of comics, the cartoon, the construction of the table, the balloon, the strip, the onomatopoeia and the "noises", the flashback and their use and variation over time.

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The Green level allows you to deepen the subject and the script, the essence of the story-board and the script. To then learn the various techniques with pencil drawing, review in China and learn about all the various types of  color and other letterpress techniques.


The Red level deepens the technique of "IL PALLIDO", a traditional coloring system, and the use of the most advanced and current technology through COMPUTER, GRAPHIC TABLETS, PHOTOSHOP etc. to integrate “hand drawing” and virtual drawing, color effects and so on. 

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