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Young team available to create or update your website

Graphic design

WordPress sites,
WIX etc ..

These projects concern all schools. The # Futuro-Giovani association gives the opportunity to use its materials, tools and laboratories. Our Association is in collaboration with the Plaza of Naples which presents and participates in our projects this year; it also makes the stage and its rooms available to try out and create the final product of the projects (theatrical and musical performances, as well as for art and film exhibitions).

In collaboration with Radio Future With Us and Radio Power Italia for quality web direct.

The transformative learning process of Associazione # Futuro-Giovani aims to help our students grow in and out of the classroom. Every day, a large number of new opportunities are offered in which to experience formative and social situations that help to grow. Our teachers create a safe and welcoming environment where they can help students discover the world around them.

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Do you need a graphic designer?

Do you need a website to promote your business or have your own logo? Or do you simply want to edit your photos, your instagram or any other social network? Maybe you are a small up and coming artist and you don't know how to create the cover image of your first single. Well, we give you the opportunity to talk to our Student Team about young graphic designers in this sector to be able to expose your every request and the latter will try in every way to satisfy it in the best way! 




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The #Futuro Giovani Association offers, with different types of laboratory and through the same teaching purposes of the same, the participation in different laboratories carried out in two didactic ways (in presence and in DAD, in case of possible lockdown), with the presence of experts in the proposed topics

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